Success in Ministry


I’m beginning to gather thoughts on “success in ministry,” and would love to hear some unfiltered, raw, honest responses to the question “What is success in Christian Church ministry?”  I’d love to hear the perspectives of regular church-goers, pastors, professors, unchurched, non-Christians and anyone who might be interested in responding.

What are you waiting for?  Comment!

2 thoughts on “Success in Ministry

  1. Planting seeds and fertilizing them over time. For roots to withstand the winds and storms to come, they take time and nurturing. I think success in ministry is not a matter of how many people you can ever get into a room, but is better measured by how many of those people leave that room, go out into the storm, and whose roots never falter.

  2. My opinion is that there is no success in Ministry. That we should not feel that we have the ability to be Sucessful in Ministry. I don’t think that God wants to have Christians or ministers feel that pressure or that pride. I think God tells us to be deciples but we never get to decide the success of our decipleship or ministry. Also, God has never said that the bigger the ministry the better . Or that the more “saved” souls under your decipleship the better. God doesn’t want puffed , egotistical deciples. God is the only one who determines sucess. All we get is the faith and maybe clear conscience that we have done our best to present His word and guide people into being saved After that,it’s up to God to determine or judge whether we are sucessful. I’m not a minister but I do feel that we all should have a personal ministry.

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