I would be happy to come speak or preach at your church, group or organization.  Here are some topics regularly cover:

The Practical Art of Spiritual Conversation: Discipleship and Evangelism

  • Understanding the Goal of a Spiritual Conversation
  • Discerning Spirituality
  • Listening before Speaking
  • Assessing Spirituality
  • Being with Jesus in Spirit
  • Being with Jesus in Community
  • Being with Jesus in Life
  • Being with Jesus in Mission


  • What do you know?  How we can say we know Christianity is true
  • We Know God Exists
  • We Know the Bible is Reliable
  • We Know Jesus Really Lived
  • We Know Miracles Happen
  • We Know God
  • Responding to Common Objections
  • Religions: Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Mormonism, Scientology, etc
  • Understanding Secular Faith
  • Gentleness and Respect in Apologetics

Navigating Doubts

  • How to Doubt Your Faith
  • Creating Safe Places for Doubters
  • Doubts are NOT the Enemy
  • Identifying Your Doubts
  • The Tone of Apologetics
  • Understanding the Goal of a Spiritual Conversation


  • Integrating Faith and Healthcare
  • Bedside Manner
  • Diagnosing Spirituality
  • Theology of Healthcare
  • Faith in the Mist of Infertility

Mental Health
(can be done with Psychologist and my wife Dr. Laura Shultz)

  • Faith and Anxiety
  • Faith and Depression
  • Faith and a Broken Heart
  • Faith and Doubt
  • Faith and Infertility
  • When God Feels Far Away

Other Topics

  • Reaching Millennials
  • The Value of an Ordinary Faith
  • The Lost Art of Humility
  • Leadership as Followership


  • Orderly Apologetics
  • How to Pray with Someone
  • How to Share Your Faith
  • How to Discern Spirituality
  • How to Think Critically
  • How to Develop a Leadership Plan
  • How to Grow Your Faith